Friday, 10 August 2007

The start of my new blog

Hi everyone who has stumbled across my blog. I have decided to start blogging as an outlet for myself. I am in the process of moving to Bury St Edmunds and reading Ruby's blog at really has made me feel better about my move. I suppose im still probably quiet a young mummy and when I move to Bury St Edmunds, I'll be dealing with a lot of mummy duties for the first time, such as getting my son into nursery and meeting other mummy's. Which i have never had much experience of as I was the first to have my baby. Anyway im trying to look at my move, and the settling into a new place (even though its not that far) as a bit of an adventure, so through my blogging I'll have a way to rant and hopefully meet some cool people on the way. Anyway this will be the end of my first post as Mr mummy is snoozing on the sofa. So anyway please read my blog, and leave me loads of comments, and I'll speak to you soon.
Night xx


Ruby in Bury said...

Thanks for the link and I'm really glad my blog helped you to feel better about moving to Bury St Edmunds.

I had an 8 yr old when I moved to Bury, and was pregnant, expecting another baby in a few months time. I then had another!

Bury's a great place to be with kids - so good luck and hope everything goes well!! xxRuby.

gemma said...

Ta ruby x
Its nice having my first coment x

21st Century Mummy said...

Hi Gemma - Welcome to the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy blogging and Bury St Edmunds as much as I have. I only moved here 4 years ago and it is amazing how quickly you can settle in (and as for blogging, I am definitely addicted). You should check out the new British Parent Bloggers site that's being developed. Anyway have fun :-)