Friday, 10 August 2007

Joining the "REAL" world

Well it's been less than 24 hours since I started my blog, and it's confirmed I am officially obsessed. I spent way too much time this morning, finding out what all the "blog words" actually mean, but then had to come back to the real world and make lunch for me and the LO. Then send out some CV's, which is incredibly boring, but if LO is starting nursery in a month, then it must be too lazy even for me, to stay at home and literally do nothing. I know some mummy's stay at home and do housework etc, but im not exactly a housework person, and look it as more as something that has to be done rather than something to take pride in. Wow! Today has really gone quite quick, it was quite late last night that I managed to get Mr Mummy of the sofa, after I gave him a wet willy! Oh no, I am not beyond things like that!!


Ruby in Bury said...

It's a good job my eldest son (19) has just explained to me what giving someone "a wet willy" means! Otherwise I might have got the wrong idea altogether!!!!!

gemma said...

Oh dear!! I never thought of that, good thing your son was ther (eric?), otherwise you would think I am a right hussy!