Sunday, 26 August 2007

The big move!!!!

Well let me first apologise for the big gap in my blogging, I took a weekend away with my two bestest friends before the move happens. Now im back, the move is in full force. Pictures and CD's and just about everything keep dissapearing from around me, soon its just going to be me sat at my computer desk in the middle of an empty livin room. I keep moving toy boxes into the spare room (this is our dispatch centre at the moment) as they require the least effort as the toys are allready in them, I do feel slightly guilty that my LO has less and less toys to play with each day!!(Although not enough to stop!) I am also in the middle of selling everything we no longer need on ebay, which is soo exciting. I know im sad!! I hate starting the listings, but once there on, im addicted, last night during the X Factor every time there was a break i would run over to the computer and reload the screen. As well as all this to contend with, I am also changing everything other to the new address, which is way too time consuming. There must be an easier way, it is just soo tedious, and no one just wants your new address they want to ask you 27 security questions to make sure that I am actually me, I am yet to meet anyone who is actually that cool that they want to pretend to be me. Im sure they think im the Ace cards hacker, and im trying to scam santa wrapping paper out of the REAL me! Other than that I now have a strong belief that we are long overdue the BT massacre, yesterday I sat on hold for 45 mins, to be told I had to be put through to someone else, then waited an hour, before I gave up and hung up!!Swines!! Yet talk talk who I am sad to be leaving, but sadly they do not have the power to turn on the line, answer my calls immediatly and I dont have to listen to any music, and no I dont work for either companies.

Saturday, 11 August 2007


Today Mr Mummy is going out with his mates down the pub, to watch the football. I understand men going out to watch the football, but what I really dont get is why they support the teams they do. Mr Mummy supports Westham, yet to the best of my knowledge he has never set foot anywhere near there, let alone lived there. The same goes for all his mates, it just seems pointless, like they got to about 10 and thought "I really should start watching football, but who shall i support? Who shall it be? I know, ill just point to anyname in the sports pages.......ummm....Westham! That will do!" I would have even of understood to a certain degree if it was like a generation thing, and he was just copying who ever his dad had supported, but nope it seems a completly random choice. I don't watch football, I barely like playing football, but if i did buy into it all I would show a bit more camaraderie than the lads and actually go for a local team, like Ipswich.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Joining the "REAL" world

Well it's been less than 24 hours since I started my blog, and it's confirmed I am officially obsessed. I spent way too much time this morning, finding out what all the "blog words" actually mean, but then had to come back to the real world and make lunch for me and the LO. Then send out some CV's, which is incredibly boring, but if LO is starting nursery in a month, then it must be too lazy even for me, to stay at home and literally do nothing. I know some mummy's stay at home and do housework etc, but im not exactly a housework person, and look it as more as something that has to be done rather than something to take pride in. Wow! Today has really gone quite quick, it was quite late last night that I managed to get Mr Mummy of the sofa, after I gave him a wet willy! Oh no, I am not beyond things like that!!

The start of my new blog

Hi everyone who has stumbled across my blog. I have decided to start blogging as an outlet for myself. I am in the process of moving to Bury St Edmunds and reading Ruby's blog at really has made me feel better about my move. I suppose im still probably quiet a young mummy and when I move to Bury St Edmunds, I'll be dealing with a lot of mummy duties for the first time, such as getting my son into nursery and meeting other mummy's. Which i have never had much experience of as I was the first to have my baby. Anyway im trying to look at my move, and the settling into a new place (even though its not that far) as a bit of an adventure, so through my blogging I'll have a way to rant and hopefully meet some cool people on the way. Anyway this will be the end of my first post as Mr mummy is snoozing on the sofa. So anyway please read my blog, and leave me loads of comments, and I'll speak to you soon.
Night xx